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Welcome To My Blog

With meaningful saying “Fill your mind with highest thoughts” I would like to welcome you to my blog. At the age of 4 my parents taught me A to Z, than after in my school I came across different words and than I learnt to make a sentence, and now when I am 18, I should thank my parent and teachers for giving me world’s most precious gift “Gift of Education”, In a country like India where many children have just dream of it. So my this blog is a humble tribute to my parents and teachers. Every life has a story and it has three phases before birth, after birth and after death and world never stops, humans are the social animals and thus in our Hindu culture every life has a meaning and every persons plays a vital role in making someone a successful or either ruining the same. My topic’s in this blog would be of enlightening articles on India’s problems, emotions(anger,love,humbleness) life at different stages, personality development, politics and religion, and health and hygiene and better me. Tittle of my blog is Make A Difference tittle itself suggest that being different is being new to world.