Has faith in himself Has faith in God



 Who can read peoples mind? GOD!!! Than why doesn’t God responds to the ongoing problems and question?? A million dollar question the existence of GOD??  This even can’t be answered by friend of modern man: “Internet”.  If a person adulterates food, he can’t extract the pure molecule of that food. Similarly today’s Homo s. sapiens have adulterated there life with impurity of thoughts, culture, and materialized there life with such a speed that they have left-away the culture, spiritual and moral values. The God exist in every atom, molecules and God even lies in one’s soul and is felt when the soul is pure and not rusted by the impurities of will to gain something harming and dishonor the rules of nature. The only reason the soul is immortal because GOD lies in every soul and it transformed from one body to other.

 It is the most shocking that 1,35,445 people committed suicide last year in our country, studies says that India has highest rate of major depression in world, country which is readily prone to crime. Such disastrous results can only occur when there is misguidance and hindrance in the cultural and spiritual values. India is a country where the baby learns the moral values from womb itself. To the distracted people of India from the track of believing and having faith in oneself the best medicine is to believe in GOD and start following the chapters of sacred texts of the Hindu epics. The one of the best example is the Bhagvad Gita.




 Gita itself is the message to the life of being pure. It is the only book on which the oath is taken for being true to people. Gita works on every stage of life: 
1. For Youth Bhagvad Gita says: 
Oh! Parth (Young Boy) you wake up, you stand strong and shapes your own destiny and you are only the sculptor of own life and educate yourself to defeat the devil within ones soul.
2. For Elders Bhagvad Gita say: 
Oh! Parth (Humans) you start building pure society, starting form yourself and your house. In-cooperate moral values in your young-ones.

It is the ultimate rule of nature that every action has equal and opposite reaction, thus the humans should do hard work and should remain pure for better reaction of GOD which is in ones soul itself. 

Whatever the person maybe or has it’s because of GOD as humans are not capable of reviving the life after death.  



Welcome To My Blog

With meaningful saying “Fill your mind with highest thoughts” I would like to welcome you to my blog. At the age of 4 my parents taught me A to Z, than after in my school I came across different words and than I learnt to make a sentence, and now when I am 18, I should thank my parent and teachers for giving me world’s most precious gift “Gift of Education”, In a country like India where many children have just dream of it. So my this blog is a humble tribute to my parents and teachers. Every life has a story and it has three phases before birth, after birth and after death and world never stops, humans are the social animals and thus in our Hindu culture every life has a meaning and every persons plays a vital role in making someone a successful or either ruining the same. My topic’s in this blog would be of enlightening articles on India’s problems, emotions(anger,love,humbleness) life at different stages, personality development, politics and religion, and health and hygiene and better me. Tittle of my blog is Make A Difference tittle itself suggest that being different is being new to world.